Welcome to the website for the Cathedral for the Spanish Episcopal Church in Madrid, Spain.  Our diocese includes the entire country of Spain.

Rvdo. Spencer

We are a the Spanish-speaking part of the Anglican Communion, an indigenous Anglicanism that began in Spain in the later 1800s.

The Cathedral is a historic building from the 1800s and has a historic organ that accompanies the liturgy.

We have here the information for the clergy staff here at the cathedral, which includes:

Bishop Carlos Lopez-Lozano, our bishop, is originally from Madrid, Spain, has published articles on liturgy with the Sorbonne, reports directly to the Archbishop of Canterbury and is our beloved leader.

Rvdo Aloysi is originally from Cuba and is in charge of our food distribution program that feeds over 100 people every week, on Wednesdays at 5:30 and Saturdays at 6:00.

We provide a liturgical service with song and prayer followed by handing out a bag of food to everyone who needs it.

Rvdo. Spencer is originally from the United States and is the national secretary for the church and handles correspondence and diplomatic issues for the church.  He speaks Spanish and English.

Rev. Dr. Duane Miller is a native of Montana, though his mother’s family (the Boteros) is from Colombia. After years of ministry and teaching in the Middle East, the Duane and Sharon and their three kids moved to Madrid. In addition to English and Spanish he speaks Arabic. Duane received his PhD in Divinity from the University of Edinburgh and has published broadly on religious conversion from Islam to Christianity and the history of global Anglicanism.

We are also a center that is ready to receive pilgrims for the Camino de Santiago.  We offer hospitality in the form of free coffee and we can offer a blessing and we can sign the necessary stamps for the pilgrim´s passports.

We are the only place in Madrid where this can be done in English.

  • We offer free classes in English every Thursday at 5:30 pm for people in our neighborhood.
  • We have a bible study in Spanish every Thursday at 4:30 pm.
  • We have regular church talks every Thursday at 7:00 pm in Spanish, covering issues ranging from liturgy to history to theology.
  • Our regular services are Sunday at 11:30. These alternate between morning prayer and holy communion.
  • Every Sunday at 8:00 pm we have a multilingual Taizé service with chants and meditation. For questions about the Taize service e-mail Duane at drdamiller1232@gmail.com

We sponsor a series of poets that read at Desperate Literature every month.

We have approximately 20 writers per year.  The series is called the Unamuno Author Series named after Miguel Unamuno, a famous Spanish author, who worshiped in one of our churches in Salamanca before he died under house arrest during the time of Franco.  The series has their own presence on Facebook.

The cathedral is home now to 10 12 step groups at the present time that serve 100 people every week.

There are meetings for AA, Al-Anon, CODA, SLAA, NA, and OA.  Seven of these meetings are in English and three meetings are in Spanish.  The AA meeting is a meditation meeting on the 11th Step.


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